Two Farms One

Two Farms One

TWO FARMS ONE  is the saga of two people, both with a dream of developing and living a natural, self-sustaining lifestyle, that meet, fall in love, and decide to implement and fulfill their dream together …. combining their two farms together into one Healthy, Self-Sustaining, Homesteading, Recycling, Re-purposing, Natural, Self Reliant, Self Sufficient, lifestyle.   
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DAVE –  My early years were spent on a small dairy.  Dad milked the cows, raised hay and other crops and raised hogs for our meat.  Mom raised milk goats, chickens, rabbits, and a fine vegetable garden.  I learned early about butchering hogs, goats and rabbits, and canning vegetables.  

I also spent quite a bit of time with my grandparents who taught me many of the older ways of living such as curing meat, farming with draft animals and pruning apple trees, to name only a few.   

Shortly before my teenage years, we spent two summers in Oregon picking fruit.  This exposed me to a variety of views on farming and conservation that I had not been exposed to previously.  My adventurous nature was also developed and enhanced by the opportunity to explore strange new environments.   

As I grew older, I learned to hunt, trap and fish, as well as to camp primitively.  I also started raising hogs and other livestock to make money.  Unfortunately, I soon borrowed money for a truck, with the thought of making plenty of money hauling hay and firewood.  Too late, I found debt to be a trap which has taken many years to get almost out of.  

Throughout my adult life, through good times and bad, decisions wise and foolish, I have always dreamed of and worked toward a good, old fashioned, self-sufficient lifestyle.  It had always been my hope to share such a life with a like-minded woman of my dreams.  Having failed to find such a partner, I recently decided to proceed with my self-sufficient lifestyle alone.  Then, I unexpectedly met Anna and the whole picture changed for the better. 

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ANNA –  I grew up in a countrified area of town. We had a large garden, a few fruit trees, and canned a large part of what we ate. My mom sewed many of our clothes and cooked our foods from scratch …. all up until my teenage years when we moved to a little more citified neighborhood and a more modern lifestyle.     

 As a child, I visited my farming kinfolk often and admired their lifestyles with a longing. Even as a young child, I dreamed of growing all of my foods and making everything possible, a lifestyle that is now referred to as ‘self-sustaining’.    

 As a young adult, I lived in town, living the typical, fast-paced lifestyle. I did; however, cook mostly from scratch, made many of my kids’ clothes, occasionally had a small garden, canned a few things now and then, but nothing like what I was dreaming of. We were basically trapped in the typical, modern, fast-paced lifestyle.    

In the latter years of married life, I did end up finally getting to move to the country. But we continued in our fast-paced lifestyle with our six children, and my dream of a self-sustaining farm continued to be just a dream. I divorced, kept my farm, the kids grew up and ventured out on their own, and although I began to acquire the skills needed to fulfill my dream, it still remained that, just a dream.     

As the years passed, I suffered numerous, serious health issues and lost two dearly loved boyfriends to death …. one from cancer at the young age of 37, and the other with a weak heart to the extreme heat of a record breaking summer at the young age of only 44.  All total, over the past year alone, I have lost about 10 loved ones (and counting) that I was very close to …. mostly to cancer, others to issues that I felt were avoidable with proper diet, care and more knowledge of the chemicals in our lives.    

Fed up with my serious health issues, and deeply saddened by the needless loss of so many loved ones over only a one year period, I firmly decided that it was time to quit dreaming of a natural, homesteading, self-sustaining lifestyle and just DO IT! Time is wasting! The work will be long and hard, but the rewards will be generous.  I decided to get comfortable with being single and pour my concentration into getting healthy, living naturally, and turning my little farm into a self-sustaining farm. Then, as fate would have it, I met Dave.  I never dreamed it was possible to find such an absolute perfect match!  🙂   
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DAVE ♥ ANNA -We first met on a dating site called Farmer’s Only. Or did we? I (Anna) had just lost yet another love of my life to a sudden heart attack in the heat. I wasn’t looking for anyone at all in the romantic sense. I just needed someone to talk to. I figured that on a site like that, I might find someone to talk to that shared my self-sustaining, homesteading lifestyle desires, and maybe even get some good tips and pointers.

Dave had had a life of rough times with the ladies and he, too, had decided to give it up and just stay single. In fact, he was getting ready to close his account down on that site. But I had read his profile and sent him an email because he sounded like just the person I needed to talk to.

He didn’t have a picture up, but I did. It actually wasn’t my initial email that especially caught his attention but my picture. He recognized me as someone that he had seen before and tried and tried to figure out where he had met me before. After a few exchanges of emails, he realized that we had actually originally met about a year before at the flea market. Or was it?  

We began exchanging emails on the site daily, sometimes several a day. He was so patient with me because he knew I wasn’t ready to date again, but our conversations flowed so smoothly and we were like a couple of kids racing to our computers each day, anxiously anticipating that awaiting email. Our first phone call, and all of them thereafter lasted for hours and hours. Even now, well over a year later, we still never run out of anything to talk about.

And wouldn’t you know it, amongst all those conversations we discovered that we had actually originally met when we were teenagers! Many years ago, at my favorite campground in the whole world, we had briefly met in passing. We were obviously destined to be together!

And now, here we are, engaged and building that self-sustaining, homesteading, self-reliant, natural lifestyle together.  Neither of us ever dreamed it was possible to meet someone so absolutely perfect for us. And we also never thought that meeting that perfect someone could make us feel so much younger and enthused about life. Once again, we feel like those giddy teenagers we were when we met that very first time. We are so happy!

We hope you enjoy following our journey and look forward to hearing your comments and input. Have a truly Blessed Day!!!


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