Two Farms One

Two Farms One

(AF) Ills Sneak Up On You! – part 1

I do believe that I said in one of my past posts that I would be writing quite a few posts to ‘catch up’ with you all. But instead, I became even more slack and I have soooo much to write about to catch up with all of our readers, that I don’t even know […]

(AF) Ills Sneak Up On You! – part 2

Finally back home, I was still feeling terrible and knew I had to do something or I would end up in ER (and I hate that place!).  Since I was figuring I had an abscessed tooth, I decided I better start taking some of that bottle of antibiotic I had on had for emergency. I […]

(AF) Ills Sneak Up On You! – Part 4 – gearing

(AF) Ills Sneak Up On You! – Part 4 – gearing up for the dentist It was finally time to go for that much dreaded  (and anxiously awaited for) dental visit. I was anxious to get the problem resolved and start feeling better, but oh, how I dread and fear the dentist! Over the years, […]


  I get so very frustrated with going to the doctor. When I do, it seems that all they want to do is give me a pill (or drugs) to treat the symptoms I went in for, not find out what is wrong and fix it. Then . . . . when I have a […]

TWO FARMS ONE : August 2013

Before I start, thanks so much for the thoughts and prayers.  We appreciate all of you so much.  I really missed the communication over the past couple of months.  As Anna has already posted, I have been a bit under the weather for quite a while.  Of course, though I was unable to use it […]