Two Farms One

Two Farms One

WIP Wednesday Yarn along-Leg Sweater

WIP Wednesday, an abbreviation for “Work in Progress Wednesday,” is a delightful weekly celebration for crafters and artisans to showcase their ongoing projects. In this yarn-filled journey, we embark on a creative exploration to knit or crochet a long-leg sweater. Let’s dive into the world of fibers, stitches, and the satisfaction of creating a cozy […]


Yes, it is springtime, though the weather calls the calendar a liar.  Fact is, whatever the weather is doing, the vernal equinox has passed making it officially springtime.  As circumstances would have it, the first day of spring was fairly nice here, with sunshine and a gentle breeze.  Be that as it may, we haven’t […]

Yep, It's Saturday night in the Boonies!

Awwww…. The quiet of the country ….. NOT!!! Once upon a time, a long time ago, it was peaceful and quiet on Saturday nights out here in the Boonies. Anyone wanting to cause a rukus went into town where ‘the action was.’ Those that stayed at home, kicked back and relaxed to the simple sounds […]