Two Farms One

Two Farms One

TWO FARMS ONE : Our Adorable “little” Pullet!

Hello, all! We certainly hope life is treating all of you well. I just had to stop a moment and share with you about one of the new little pullets we got this spring. She is so amazing already and we just absolutely adore her!  We had been looking for some Welsummer chickens to add […]

TWO FARMS ONE : December 2011

This post isn’t about recipes, critters, alternative energy, self reliance, farming, canning, or anything of the like, but it was on my mind and I had to take a moment to post it, anyway. My entire life I have found myself in a continual pattern of bad relationships (with the exception of the last two, […]

TWO FARMS ONE : June 2012

Oh my gosh! We can’t believe Tuesday got away from us like this. We GREATLY apologize for getting this week’s issue of Tightwad Tuesday posted so late! Dave and I have both been putting in so many work hours that we haven’t gotten to see much of each other lately. Talking on the phone every […]

TWO FARMS ONE : March 2016

Howdy, everybody! ! ! ! It has been a very long time since we have been able to make posts on this blog and interact with everyone here in Blogger land. We have missed you all soooooo much! For a long time my computers were down….. and/or I was packing, moving … or just in […]

TWO FARMS ONE : April 2014

  Pharmacy Friday this week is going to be somewhat of an update on one I wrote quite awhile back about using Cayenne Pepper for pain, a testament you might say. You can read the first one HERE. I have been consistently using Cayenne pepper in my diet now for at least 2 years. I […]

TWO FARMS ONE : March 2012

First, I want to start by saying that I am feeling considerably better! I still have a long road ahead to full recovery, and I am very, very tired, but I am making big improvements each day. I am still having a little trouble typing with my left hand (from the mini strokes), but I […]

TWO FARMS ONE : July 2015

 Today, something I had suspected came to light, more so than I had even imagined. It appears that my next door neighbors have been shooting at my dogs and things in my yard on a regular basis! A couple of months ago I discovered that my young dog, Sneezy had a big bloody spot on […]

TWO FARMS ONE : June 2015

We are trying not to get too stressed, but it just isn’t possible. We are so stressed we have knots in our tummies. There isn’t enough time to move nearly everything, not even half, but we are going to keep on moving as hard and as fast as we can, hoping and praying for a […]

TWO FARMS ONE : September 2012

Hello, Everyone! Gosh, have I ever missed being on here!!!! And I have especially missed yaking with all of you! I tell ya… my Internet withdrawals got pretty bad, lol. My main computer is still not fixed. A friend on another site I frequent had told me how to repair it, but it is all […]

TWO FARMS ONE : September 2015

This week’s mushroom find. (Oysters)   My poor old laptop finally bit the dust. Oh, how I miss her! Her motherboard fried and they don’t make them for that computer any more, so I was told. I am FINALLY back online and hoping to figure this Windows 10 thing out soon (I was on Windows […]