Two Farms One

Two Farms One

TWO FARMS ONE : February 2012

As I said in my last post, I am really getting the itch to plant stuff. It is cool today (actually, it’s downright cold), but it has been exceptionally warm most of the winter, especially of late. The beautifully warm weather, the tantalizing fragrance of the damp earth as rains finally come, and the mouthwatering […]

TWO FARMS ONE : November 2014

stock photo    Did you get the outside edge of your cake you just baked too done? Is it a little too hard and crusty on one or all sides? Not to worry. It isn’t a total waste. In fact, it can be turned into something very delicious! I apologize in advance for no other […]

TWO FARMS ONE : January 2012

With the holidays over and the new year just started, there are all the plans of things to be done. Unfortunately, there is the small and rather annoying matter of bills to pay. Nothing gets in the way of productive plans quite like having to spend time working simply to pay bills that will be […]

TWO FARMS ONE : December 2013

  As the year comes drawing to an end, I have been reading around our blog as if I were just a reader and it has occurred to me that there are probably quite a few questions many of you might have but have hesitated to ask. So . . . I hope to answer […]

TWO FARMS ONE : January 2015

♥  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  ♥ Dave and I would like to wish you and all of yours the BEST Year possible!  May it be a year filled with beautiful blessings, love and cheerfulness. And may it be a truly prosperous year, both monetary and personal.  HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!!

TWO FARMS ONE : July 2014

The solar panels are up, mounted on top of the well house, the charge controller, battery and inverter are hooked up.  Even with the cloudy skies we have had for the past couple of weeks, and a number of trees which cast too much shade in the evening,  electricity is being generated.  Am I excited?  […]

TWO FARMS ONE : August 2013

Before I start, thanks so much for the thoughts and prayers.  We appreciate all of you so much.  I really missed the communication over the past couple of months.  As Anna has already posted, I have been a bit under the weather for quite a while.  Of course, though I was unable to use it […]

TWO FARMS ONE : May 2012

This isn’t really a post about natural remedies or anything like that, but it is some interesting information I would like to share. In a day and time where many of us are trying so hard to turn away from chemical medications as much as possible, and turn more towards natural healing, information like this […]

TWO FARMS ONE : March 2014

Saturday, March first was a really nice day (yes March came in like a lamb).  The air was damp and warm, smelling of early spring rain, and a soft warm breeze was blowing,  Grateful for the warm weather and being off work, I spent the afternoon working outside in short sleeves. Of course, the work […]

TWO FARMS ONE : October 2012

Coffee Soap    Now that it has cooled off, I have gotten back into making some soaps. Recently I made some Coffee Soap and took it out to the flea market to sell. As I was explaining about it to one of the other curious vendors, I told her that I hadn’t scrimped any on […]